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Organic, flexible, growable information design projects

Sign up for a monthly plan and start sending design requests right away.

Each request goes into a queue and gets worked on one at a time.

Every two days, we turnaround a request. Revise until satisfied.

Design is thinking made visual.

– Saul Bass

Flexibility, Built-in

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Using async communications, you can send us your task requests via email or loom video anytime. Outline priorities and add to your design queue.

Dead-simple Payments

Monthly payments are processed automatically through Stripe and can be paused whenever needed.

Consistency + ITERation

Our designer works on one design request every 2 business days, sending a new iteration update and ensuring consistent project progress.

Membership Benefits


Easy on-boarding get's you up and running as soon as projects are sent through.


You can rely on stunning, effective work from a senior-level designer.


Every two business days, you’ll see progress on your project.


Projects change along the way. No problem. You can request revisions anytime.

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One request at a time.
Pause or cancel anytime.

$3,995 USD

One Request at a Time
48-Hour Delivery
Unlimited Requests
Unlimited Brands
Unlimited Users
Pause Anytime


Double the requests.
Pause or cancel anytime.

$6,995 USD

Two Requests at a Time
48-Hour Delivery
Unlimited Requests
Unlimited Brands
Unlimited Users
Pause Anytime

You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can't get them across, your ideas won't get you anywhere.

– Lee Iacocca

The Designer

Harrison Schell is a Vancouver-born graphic designer who works with clients both locally and around the world. These days, he specializes in information and infographic design, but originally he worked in print design/production, making branded materials and large scope reports.

Before starting Made Visual, Harrison also spent six years creating data-driven content for one of the top online publishers that focuses on markets, technology, energy and the global economy. Working on visualizations for both massive enterprises and single-person ventures has provided him with a wealth of experience in interpreting data and merging it with storytelling and compelling imagery.

Aside from Made Visual, Harrison has completed two massive digitally-printed murals in downtown Vancouver, he loves overland camping in remote places and he has integrated a daily walk through the city as a part of his design process.


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How do I communicate my design requirements?

You can provide your design briefs using simple email messages or recorded videos. This asynchronous communication method ensures clarity and reduces back-and-forth, making the process efficient.

How does the subscription work?

Our subscription-based graphic design service allows you to sign up through our online portal (Stripe) and pay a monthly fee. With your subscription, you can send an unlimited number of design requests, each of which enters a queue. Our designer works on one request every 2 business days, ensuring consistent progress.

Couldn’t I just hire a graphic designer? 

This is a completely understandable question! Firstly, hiring a full-time senior-level designer costs upwards of $100,000 annually. Moreover, the challenge is keeping them fully engaged at all times, avoiding paying them for underutilized time.

With our monthly plan, you can conveniently pause and resume your subscription based on your needs. This way, you only pay when you have work for your designer.

Updates every 2 days? What's the advantage?

Our design process guarantees transparency and iteration. You'll receive visual updates every two working days, allowing you to stay informed and provide feedback at regular intervals. This iterative approach ensures your project evolves in the right direction.

Can I influence the direction of my projects?

Absolutely! You have the power to guide the project's direction every 2  days. If you provide specific instructions, our designers will follow your lead. If no direction is given, our team will proceed based on their interpretation, ensuring productivity doesn't stall.

How can I  change my project mid-way?

Our system caters to dynamic needs. You can easily make mid-project adjustments, and our designers will seamlessly adapt to your requirements. This flexibility ensures that your project evolves as your ideas develop.

How does the subscription's payment process work?

We've modernized our payment process using Stripe, a secure and widely-accepted payment gateway. Once you set up your subscription, Stripe will handle automatic monthly charges. You retain full control, and you can pause the service whenever you choose.

Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can pause your subscription at any time. If you need a break or have other priorities, simply pause the service. You'll have the flexibility to resume when you're ready without any hassle.

What programs do you design in?

Designs are most commonly executed with the Adobe Graphics Suite, but we can also create deliverables in Powerpoint, Canva or other editable formats.

What if I only have a single request?

No problem. You can pause after your request is complete and bank the remaining days.

Do you only do information design?

No, we are a multi-skilled studio in all facets of graphic design. We can, however, provide consulting on data and informational campaigns if that’s what a project calls for. We’re pretty flexible in accommodating your different needs.

Are there any refunds if I don't like the service?

The first month of service can be refunded at any time. 

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